Customer Comments

Nonna's Speghetti


I grew up in the Beaverton area, and have always loved Nonna’s pizza. Now I live on the East Side of Portland. I have been known to make a special trip across town just to get some Nonna Emilia’s Italian food. Quite possibly the best Italian food in Portland.

Mushroom Ravioli

Absolutely Fantastic

My girlfriend loves Italian food. I often look for new places to take her. We have gone to many of the local places but since Nonna’s, it has become her favorite. I always know where to take her for a romantic dinner that she will be sure to love.


Awesome Italian!

We’ve been going to Nonna Emilia’s for 10 years. This is THE best Italian food I’ve encountered in Portland. Big portions, fresh ingredients, lots of standard Italian options, and reasonable prices. The service has always been wonderful and the atmosphere is fun.
Nonna Emilia’s is one of our ongoing favorites!

Nonna's Pizza

Love their food

I was at this restaurant last night and had their lasagna for the 4th or 5th time. Their pizza is very good, one of the best I’ve ever had. And their lasagna is top-notch. I absolutely loved it. Money well-spent.

Chicken and pasta

WOW, This is the best Italian food.

I’ve been to Italy and the food at Nonna’s is as good if not better than may favorite ristorante in Florance. I can’t believe that you can find food that good in a little town of Aloha, OR. Thanks to Nonna’s for that quality of food that I only thought you could find in Italy.